Special Lights

WM-CL150A LED Marine Lantern

Special-Lights-CL150AWM-CL150A LED marine lantern for use with communication-linked applications.
Built-in GPS Receiver Module
Built-in GSM Transmission Module
Incorporating WM-RTU2000 Data Tx/Rx
Incorporating WM-AIS-2000 AtoN module

WM-WL90 Emergency Wreck Light

Special-Lights-WL90AWM-WL90 has been designed and made according to I.A.L.A. latest recommendation (I.A.L.A Recommendation O-133, Edition 1, December 2005) on the Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy.

This is Wealth Marine’s latest design and technology, and should be used to deploy on Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy (also available) to mark out new dangers and wreks, so as to prevent collisions of other ships.

WM-SL150A Synchronized Flash LED Lantern

Special-Lights-SL150AUtilizing GPS receiver with ultra-low power comsumption and computer chips with low power consumption and high interference resistance, the newly developed WM-SL150A Synchronized Flash LED Lantern is suitable for use in water-ways, airport runways, navy training waterways, and shooting ranges.

All integral parts are built-in function components without connection to any external accessories, which ensures a high protection level of IP68 for the latern.

The latern is easily operable and works automatically at power-on.