Range Lanterns Leading Lights

WM-SRL2000 Sector Range Light

Range-SRL2000WM-SRL2000 single-station, three-coloured LED Sector Range Light is one of Wealth Marine’s latest design and manufactured series of lantern.

This lantern makes use of high intensity LEDs as the light source, supplemented by the non-spherical ‘Fresnel’ lens and focal point theory with integral microprocessor circuitry.

WM-SRL2000 has three projectors, each for one colour, attached to a single base playe. There is an option that the sector angle in the horizontal plane can be adjustable from 3.5° to 15°.
WM-SRL2000 projects light beam with uniformly-distributed intensity.

WM-RL400 Range Lanterns

Range-RL400WM-RL400 range light is composed of base, lamp changer and sun switch. The optical system consists of glass reflector and divergent lens.

Flasher is optional in accordance with users requirement. The range light is capable of sending out a strong beam of light.
The divergent lens on enlarges the angle of horizontal divergence and not the angle of vertical divergence. Sector beams in different colors and with different angles of divergence are available when equipped with different color and divergent lenses.

WM-RL400 range light is suitable for leading light marking entrance and turning of waterway.

WM-RL2000 Flat Panel LED Range Lantern

Range-RL2000WM-RL2000 Flat Panel LED Range Lantern consists of a flat LED square array, special flat-surface lens optic with an aluminum alloy encasement and an advanced designed microcomputer control circuitry.

As compared with the conventional incandescent-lamp range lantern, this flat panel WM-RL2000 LED Range Lantern possesses many improved features like more efficient energy-saving, higher output intensity and more even light beam distribution.
The effective intensity of multiple units (clustered) can produce up to 180,000 candelas (nominal range of 21 nautical miles), utilizing a much lower power consumption.