Power source

It collects variously with the battery, the solar battery, and the wave activated generator.
The waves energy and the sunlight energy are used, and moreover, a hybrid power supply where effectively it uses and a steady power supply is supplied can generate electricity with the solar battery at fine weather of the wave activated generator and use the power supply of high power at stormy weather.
A hybrid power supply is adopted as a buoy power supply of the charge ..measurement hardware used. equipment and the United States coast guard in Okino Torishima located in the Japanese south end.

Primary battery

kanren_itijidentiPacked dry cell battery

KAN-5 Type
KAN-100 Type

Additionally, various type of dry cell batteries

Rechargeable battery

kanren_nijidentiStorage battery
12V 5Ah/24Ah/40Ah Type
Additionally, various type of dry cell batteries

Solar battery

kanren_taiyoSolar battery

RSP-5 Type(maximum output 4.5W)
RSP-1104 Type(maximum output 11.5W)
RSP-2602 Type(maximum output 26.4W)
RSP-5510 Type(maximum output 53W)

Additionally, various solar panels

Wave Activated Generator

kanren_ftw_waveFTW type Wave Activated Generator

The Wave Activated Generator(WAG) converts wave motion energy into electric power, and this power charges batteries that are used in various type of power supplies. The WAG converts the up and down motion of sea water inside the pipes installed at the surface of the water into air currents. These air currents rotate an air turbine that is coupled directly to the generator to generate electricity. The structure of this device was made very simple to provide long period of use on the ocean surface. Also, the material used was selected considering protection against salt damage.