Others Custom Made Buoys

Others Custom Made Buoys

Custom-MadeWealth Marine Pte Ltd is capable of designing and manufacturing Buoys with different sizes using different materials.

Customers will need to specify and provide us with their requirements such as buoy size, material preferred, water depth, sea conditions and application in order to determine an ideal model.

WM Wreck Buoy

Custom-Made-WreckA new wreck can be very hazardous for mariners, not only when it’s exact position is unknown and is still unmarked, but even when the position is known and the wreck is properly marked.

With safety in mind, it is important to demarcate the area with a Wreck Buoy which can easily be identified with it’s colour.
All designed specifications are with reference to the latest IALA recommendation O-133 on Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy (Dec 2005).