Others – Accessories, Power Supply and Spares

WM-BL100 LED Illuminated Panel

LED-Panel-BL100WM-BL100 LED Illuminated Board is specially designed and manufactured by Wealth Marine for marking of mega bridges and daymark structures across navigational channels, to safely guide mariners into safe navigational waters.

Basically there are 2 types of LED Illuminated Boards, namely Background-plated and Frame Type. WM-BL100 is marine-graded aluminium alloy and high polymeric material, with surface painted with anti-fouling coat.

Marine Signal Lamps

Signal-LampsWealth Marine has a whole range of marine signal lamps, including standard marine lamps and other special rated lamps.

Standard marine lamps are 6.2V and 12V lamps, and these are single contact, with pre-focused lamp base (filaments are precisely positioned with respect to lamp socket).

WM-FL100 Flasher/Lampchanger

Flasher-FL100WM-FL100 flasher/lampchanger is an advanced, intelligent and widely applicable product with high reliability and resistance against interference, and low power consumption.

It is suitable for use in any location and situation that requires aids to navigation. The FL100 flasher/lampchanger is compact and microprocessor-based, and it can be fitted inside most 140~300mm diameter lens optic.

WMS Solar Modules

Solar-ModuleWealth Marine’s WMS Series of Solar modules provide cost-effective photovoltaic power for DC loads with lower energy requirements.

Characterized by its construction and features advanced fabrication technology, it is specially designed to ensure highest possbile reliability so as to maintain higher possible current produced by our monocrystalline cells (multicrystalline cells are also available as an option to users).

External Mount Photocell Unit

ExternalMountPhotocellUnitA photocell is a type of resistor.
When light strikes the cell, it allows current to flow more freely. When dark, its resistance increases dramatically.
Photocells along with daylight control circuitry are normally factory calibrated to ensure optimum responsiveness in the nominal lighting scenario.

WM-R604LED Retrofit Light Source

LED-Light-Source-lightWM-R604LED Retrofit Light Source is provided as an option to directly replaced conventional flasher and lampchanger fitted with incandescent lamps.

Equipped with an intelligent LED controller PCB, as those used within our wide range of LED lanterns, to ensure highest efficiency, reliability and consistent output intensity.

WM-R604LED could be directly installed within lantern assemblies without any modification.

WM-302LED Traffic Signal Light

Traffic-Signal-LightWM-302LED Traffic Signal Light comprises string of LED arrays with 100,000 hours rated lifespan. Power source options, with AC or DC direct inputs, also could be integrated with solar power system (all-in-one assembly).