Conventional Lanterns

WM-ML155 Conventional Lantern

Conventional-ML155WM-ML155 Lantern is composed of plastic Fresnel lens, plastic base, 6-place electronic flasher/lampchanger and high-efficiency halogen lamp.
Using high-performance, pre-focal halogen lamp as the light source, the lantern is unique in terms of precision of focal position and high utilization of light power, with light intensity 20% higher than navigational laterns using ordinary incandescent lamps.

Users can have an option to choose Lantern with Cast Aluminium Alloy Lantern Base.
WM-ML155 lantern can be used for marine buoys and fixed beacons.

WM-ML300 Conventional Lantern

Conventional-ML300WM-ML300 Marine Lantern is a newly developed marine latern of high performance.

The lantern consists of 300mm UV stablized polycarbonate Fresnel lens, 6 places flash-changer, halogen lamp and aluminium base up to marine standard.

The maixmum range is up to 12nm (when used with 100W lmap, and t=0.58, T=0.74) WM-ML300 Marine Lantern can be widely used in fixed beacon and light houses.

WM-RB500 Marine Revolving Beacon

Rotating-Beacon-RB500The WM-RB500 revolving beacons are designed to meet various lightbeacon and lighthouse applications providing an effective range of up to 33 nautical miles at transmissivity factor (T) of 0.85, depending on the intensity of the lamp used.

The compact, rugged and heavy duty WM-RB500 rotating beacon housing is made of corrosion-resistant, cast aluminium alloy material that holds a toughened, UV-stabilized acrylic fresnel lens cover.

The bottom driven 6-panel lens cage configuration supports WM-Patent design “bullseye” optic lenses that are moulded from optical-grade acrylic resin.

The lens cage is rotated by a highly reliable stepper-motor drive system providing sufficient torque to rotate the assembly while consuming a maximum current of 200mA. Rotational speeds are factory set to customer requirements.